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Poll Results: Should Caps Fans Be Concerned?

A shaky start and two consecutive losses to the Bruins has left some with concerns about their team, but it may be too early to call for doom and gloom. I will concede that something is off with the Caps and they do seem stymied by the style of the Bruins and Canadians.The reality is that the NHL season is brutally long but there certainly have been plenty of teams to overcome a slow start or slump. Take for instance the Flyers. I seem to remember a significant slump last season where they nearly missed the playoffs. Even they pulled it together for a deep playoff run… to the Stanley Cup Finals. They ultimately lost, but who wouldn’t take that over the President’s trophy and a first round demise.Will they get it together and show the skill that we witnessed last year as they stormed to the President’s trophy? Maybe too soon to tell, but it may also be too soon to tell if the recent play will continue to falter.Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 9.02.48 AM.png

Name The Cap Contest Winner!

Thanks to all who entered our first “Can You Name The Cap” contest! Looks like we started with an easy one, as everyone guessed it correctly.

Who was the Cap? Dale Hunter #32
Image by Rodger Wood []
All entries were given a random number with as the random number picker.And the winner is….. Cheryl Nichols (@cnichols14 on Congratulations!Stay tuned for more contests to win full resolution digital downloads of our Caps images! Be sure to Follow us on @cappowerplay on Twitter to be eligible.

National Anthem Slash Style in LA

I am a big fan of the national anthem. It is great when fans sing along and the great thing about it is that there are so many ways to perform it respectfully. This is one way that I would love to see at a Caps game. My suggestion… Peter Frampton. Ok, I am getting a bit dated with that suggestion, but hey, he can make his guitar talk.Who would you like to see perform the National Anthem at a Caps game?