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Great Defense but No Goals!

By Rodger M. WoodMatt BradleyThe Caps played good defense against Atlanta last night, but couldn’t buy a goal to save their souls.And this has been the story the past two games. The Capitals have held opponents to a goal each in regulation, but scoring only a goal themselves both games, lost to the Rangers Monday night at home in a shootout 2-1, and the Thrashers Wednesday 1-0 away, making the seventh game the Capitals have been shutout this season.There is no way in the world either of these teams should beat our Capitals, especially on home ice, but can you believe Wednesday’s night win was sadly the Thrashers’ third win in a row over the Caps.Both games looked like figure skating events at the Olympics. Skating around in wide circles, Johansson, Backstrom, Ovechkin, Green, Chimera, and Carlson made doing Figure 8’s looked good for the fans.It was disappointing to see our favorites futilely try to mount any offense, especially on the power play, which they have scored on once in the past five game. The Caps prevented the opposition from scoring goals, but couldn’t reverse the tables to score some goals themselves.Defense wins games, but only when a team score more goals than the other team. If the Caps don’t learn to do both quickly or trade for some players who know, can, and want to score goals at the same they play good defense, fans, you can kiss the playoffs “goodbye” Either the Caps will not make them or if they do, not make it past the first round.It was good to see Matt Bradley back on the ice again. As soon as he gets ice acclimated, he will give the Caps more heart.While Caps baby goalies are playing great, they need to stay healthy and on the ice. Michael Neuvirth is injured now, and Varlamoiv’s just getting back.After losing a shutout late in the third period to the Rangers, Braden Holtby was faked out of his jock on three shots in the shootout. Varlamov allowed only a goal to the Thrashers.While Caps goalies are giving the team a chance to win, they aren’t getting the offensive support they need to win.

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